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A Comprehensive Three-Phase Approach

Our workshop is structured into three progressive phases, ensuring that each participant receives the care and attention necessary for profound healing through sex addiction therapy.

Phase 1: Foundation Preparation, and Compassion

Phase 1 is the introductory gateway to the therapeutic work that will be completed throughout our program. Individuals and couples meet for six weeks on Thursday nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Meetings are held in the conference room at the Circles of Grace clinic in Murray, UT. All genders, orientations, ethnicities, and spiritual belief systems are welcome. Participants are introduced to the LifeStar curriculum and the group therapeutic format. Interactive activities and assignments help participants start to open up and confront their struggles in a structured, therapeutic way.

Phase 2: Understanding Treating and Changing

Phase 2 is an opportunity for participants to dive deeper into the healing and recovery process. Through  proven therapeutic methods, our trained therapists will guide participants along the way to discover and utilize tools and resources that will help them stop unhealthy patterns and behaviors and create new healthy patterns of honesty, vulnerability, and connection which lead to sobriety and healing. Phase 2 groups are divided into separate groups for addicts and betrayed spouses or partners, allowing for focused healing and accountability. Over the past 30 years, the males have traditionally been the person struggling with unhealthy sexual patterns of behavior and the females have been the betrayed partners or spouses. However, Circles of Grace has expanded its vision and understanding, and there are tools and resources to accommodate and help everyone in whatever situation and relationship status they are in.

Phase 2 groups are held weekly for 2 hours. The schedule of those groups is primarily determined by the availability of therapists and the availability of the participants that are going through the Phase 1 program. Once that is established, participants will meet with their assigned group once a week and continue to work through the LifeStar curriculum. The group process typically runs for 12-14 months. This might seem like a long time, but our research and experience has shown that recovery and healing take time. The curriculum is designed to help participants dive deep and do the necessary work to not only stop unwanted patterns and behaviors, but to also do the hard work of repairing trust and hope within yourself and with your partner and other relationships and live in lasting recovery.

Phase 3: Healing, Creating, Moving Forward

Phase 3 helps clients to continue further down the path of healing. As unhealthy patterns and behaviors start to change, participants are ready and equipped to process emotions and feelings on an even deeper level. Group activities are centered around helping participants look at their life history with more compassion and love. They are able to look toward the future with hope and excitement. They are able to show up for their partners and create safety for emotions and feelings to be shared and healed. Maintenance plans are created for life beyond the LifeStar group program, and participants move forward with courage, hope, and excitement for the future. The work in Phase 3 typically takes between 2-4 months to complete.

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The first phase on the path to recovery is started with Foundation. This psychoeducational seminar is delivered in a group workshop setting and equips both men and women with the essential knowledge that leads to recovery Phase I "Getting Started " - This phase is education oriented where both partners and the sexual compulsive person learn how to begin the journey toward peace, hope and healing. Experience has shown that when clients are well-informed about the underlying issues that influence unhealthy behaviors, they become empowered to take a more proactive approach to recover and life.   Pornography & Sex Addiction RECOVERY Humans intrinsically seek comfort and a primary source of it is sexuality. This natural drive is healthy, but it can propel us to negative effect - anytime it drives disconnection from real relationships, loss of options and agency, or harmful outcomes it can quickly escalate and take over our lives. Many caught in this cycle suffer from anxiety or depression, self loathing from compromised values, intense loneliness, and significant negative life consequences. Filling in this void can rapidly define our lives. Negative Sexual Behavior can come in many forms:
  • Excessive viewing of pornography
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Emotional or sexual infidelity
  • Illegal acting out
But you are not alone. LifeStar Salt Lake has been treating individuals and families affected by negative sexual behavior for over 30 years. Guided by our Trained Therapists, you’ll learn about the biological foundations of our behavior, why we behave like we do, and how to change your life. In a phased process that utilizes a unique curriculum, you’ll understand how recovery isn’t just abstinence, it is a whole new way of healthy living.  


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