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We have been guided to the name circles of grace, it aligns with our mission of providing a safe space for clients to fall in love with their life and to live fully. Grace is often mentioned in a religious context, our focus is not about religion, but it is about spirituality. Grace happens in all our journeys. It is a gift of kindness to self or from others, it is acceptance of self. When we feel what it is like to be fully human, we have experienced grace. When light breaks into our darkness and we feel acceptance, we have experienced grace.


Paul Tillich said this about grace; “We experience moments in which we accept ourselves, because we feel that we have been accepted by that which is greater than we…it is such moments that make us love our life, that make us accept ourselves…that peace enters into us and makes us whole, that self-hate and self-contempt disappear, and that our self is reunited with itself. Then we can say that grace has come upon us.” Shaking of the Foundations.

The “circles” of circles of grace is about life’s journey. If you have ever studied Asian art, you’ve likely encountered a mandala. A mandala, which means circle in Sanskrit, tells of spiritual journeys, history, life stories and healing. In many Asian traditions the use of a mandala helps one move from suffering into joy and happiness.

Entering the world, little me, had a light right in the center of her being. As challenges rose and fell her light began to dim, clouded by the perils of her path. Courageously embarking on the journey of healing, she notices her little one standing in the center of her own circle. Her once-blurred vision begins to sharpen, bringing clarity to the mandala of her life. Bravely she offers herself grace honoring the circular patterns that have paved her path. The circles of grace transform her direction leading to wholeness, reigniting her light, and illuminating her purpose.

I began life curious, brave, and playful. Then scary things made me question if curiosity, bravery, and playfulness were wise. Things got so scary that I covered my curiosity, bravery, and playfulness with behaviors that made me feel safe instead. My world became small and protective. My protections rippled out as I grew, and I hurt others trying to stay safe. My protective strategy wasn’t working. I opened my eyes and heart. I witnessed my inner efforts to stay safe. I felt seen and understood. With grace, all of me became accepted. I returned to being curious, brave, and playful.

Grace…isn’t earned as if in a race. There is comfort and serenity to be found without the pressure of haste. Troubles may be ever present in this journey you face. Fear, Isolation & Shame will surely make their case. But Courage, Connection & Compassion are resources to be embraced. Ask for help as you fortify in place; ready to engage with a steady pace, moving forward in your healing chase. Patience and love will be a supportive brace. Your efforts & change will ripple from your newly established base. As you find comfort in these circles of grace.