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Education & Certifications

Education & Certifications

Lifespan Integration Training

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – University of Phoenix

B.A. University of Utah – Psychology

B.S. University of Utah – Sociology, Criminal Justice Certificate

A.S. Weber State University – Criminology

NCC National Certified Counselor Certification

Joshua Walpole


I have always been fascinated by the “why”. What makes people tick, why do we do the things we do, the good and the bad? I am curious about what inspires us and discourages us. I enjoy seeing the “aha” moment or the moment when it makes sense, when it just clicks.


 Therapist Profile

As a counselor I enjoy helping others discover their “why”, and why they behave the way they do. Two key tools in this effort are awareness and intention. Too often, we can get caught up in the daily grind of life which can cause us to go into autopilot and just react to events. Part of my goal is to help you create space, to pause, and be aware, so you can respond with intention. Creating mindfulness is a key to recovery. Gaining these tools help in uncovering the issues that may seem to be a continual obstacle for your growth. In this understanding we can work together on healing and making changes necessary to your life. Living from a centered sense of self in your core values. This will aid from getting you unstuck and moving forward, living with more purpose, and meaning.

I specialize in trauma work with a focus on unwanted compulsive sexual behaviors, which include pornography and sexual addiction. I also work with betrayal trauma partners, family of origin trauma, and whole person healing. As part of trauma, I help work through, anxiety, depression, ADD, OCD and mood disorders. Unwanted compulsive sexual behaviors are complex, and you can feel you are past being helped or saved. I believe we all have a way back; no one is too far gone. I have empathy for those suffering from betrayal trauma. I understand what complex trauma does to a partner, and how deep the pain of betrayal can go. I work with the betrayed to create safety, manage trauma responses and foster post-traumatic growth. Gaining strength and courage to implement boundaries for their recovery and help heal the relationship. My own life experience has been an opportunity to learn, grow and believe in healing. In my practice I utilize lifespan integration, experiential, psychodrama, and existential modalities to process and make shifts you are hoping for.

I enjoy spending time with my wife of 15 years and 4 children. We can be found eating berries in our berry garden or making s’mores around our firepit.