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Education & Certifications

Education & Certifications

MA: Masters of Science in clinical mental Health counseling.

BA: University of Utah English

LI: Certified lifespan Integration

SEP: Certified somatic practitioner

EMDR trained level 2

Extensive ongoing training in experiential and psychodrama trauma modalities



I like the quote by the spiritual teacher Ram Daas that says “We are all just walking each other home.” I don’t think that we were meant to face our challenges alone and that most of us are doing the very best we can. I see “walking each other home” as sometimes meaning home to oneself, home to a life filled with self-acceptance and self-compassion, home to a better relationship and at times home to a yet undiscovered place.


Therapist Profile

I was born in the late fifties which makes me older and means that I have long passed the challenges of youth and my tenacity in my 20s and 30s that made me think I was right about most things. I am a mother, a widow, and a grandmother now. I have experienced loss and weathered economic downturns and political upheaval and religious growth which for me often translates to continually working to conquer cynicism and fear. I work to see the good in the broken and the love couched in the fear. That always brings me to hope which is what I try to bring to my therapeutic practice.

My specialty is working with trauma, particularly betrayal trauma which often involves attention to grief work. My focus is generally on women’s issues including trauma, infidelity, divorce, shame, identity, and emotional regulation. I have also studied and taught about post-traumatic growth as a by-product of trauma. I promote a multi-faceted approach that meets the needs of my clients using narrative therapy, somatic experiencing, trauma-informed lifespan integration, and action oriented therapy including experiential and psychodrama techniques. I love my job.

In my free time I enjoy hiking and swimming, grand kids, and reading, and theoretically gardening.