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Education & Certifications

Education & Certifications


M.A. Amridge University – Divinity

M.A. Amridge University – Marriage and Family Therapy

B.A. Utah State University – Religious Studies


Corey Holmgren

1984 – 2019

Corey Holmgren, LMFT was, and still is an integral part of our clinic here at LifeStar Healing.  He worked here for just under five years; however, the lives touched and people helped through his spirit and skill as a gifted therapist are still being uncovered, today.Not only did he bring his vast knowledge as a therapist and skill as a Chaplain in the Utah National Guard, he brought authenticity and humor into our offices.  This typically included pranks, practical jokes, and his vivacious laugh that left us all at least chuckling, if not laughing to the point of tears.

Corey loved working with people, in general.  The populations he worked with the most were men {young and old} who struggled with out of control sexual behaviors and addictions.  He met with couples, individuals, and ran multiple men’s therapy groups throughout each week.  Corey’s ability to cultivate a sense of brotherhood among men was, and still is, inspiring.  He played a major role in the Warrior Heart Boot Camps centered around the book, “Wild at Heart” by John Eldridge.  One of his greatest passions in life was helping others see who they really are, through a spiritual lens.  One of the things he said to so many individuals who felt broken and buried in the depths of shame is, “He {God, Higher Power} loves you because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you.”


When Corey suddenly passed away in January 2019, he left behind his wife, Mindi, and three children {Nathan, Nora, and Lexie} and unborn baby, Jack.


In the Fall of 2019, in honor of Corey, Mindi started The Corey Holmgren Memorial Fund {CHMF}; a 501c3 non-profit, which raises money to help financially support therapy here at LifeStar Healing for individuals and couples who cannot afford it.  Through the efforts of his amazing wife, the legacy of helping others come home to themselves, Corey began years before his passing, is still living strong today.

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