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Education & Certifications

Education & Certifications


University of Kentucky


Amy Rudd


Therapist Profile

Hello, I’m Amy, and I’m grateful you’ve found me, and I hope that sharing a little about myself will let you know if I am the best fit for helping you on your therapeutic journey. I am a social person who thrives most when building authentic connections with others. I take pride in being a genuine and trustworthy person in all of my relationships. I am the best version of myself when I can connect, establish rapport, and serve people from all walks of life. My motivation for earning a Master’s degree in Social Work, specifically clinical, derives from my passion for helping others. One of my favorite expressions is, “We can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy.” I believe in the power of healing with every fiber of my being; if we are willing to do the work, it is possible. I am optimistic that one day I, along with the help of others, can make the necessary turnaround to eradicate the stigma associated with seeking guidance in those times when life feels so heavy. In a perfect world, I envision people governing uncharted adversities who can feel a sense of pride in having the courage to pursue the essential treatment and recovery they desire to create a fuller and healthier existence to live their best lives.