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Facing the storms

of trauma together


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Our intention at Circles of Grace Clinic is to assist our clients to feel safe enough to fall in love with their lives and to risk living fully. For over 30 years we have walked along side individuals on their journey towards wholeness and change. Recently, as a clinic, have made some changes to support “best practices” in treating trauma, we even changed our clinic name from LifeStar of Salt Lake to Circles of Grace. We love life and we embrace living fully.


We offer a variety of treatment options, let us help find the treatment that is right for you.


Find a treatment that is right for you.


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Treating individuals and families affected by unwanted sexual behavior.

A LifeStar Program.

I’ve spent five years trying to find a therapist as well trained as Jeanine to help me integrate Somatic Experience with my trauma work. Many say they offer, but not like the Circles of Grace therapists.


Circles of Grace Workshop Client

For the first time, I do feel hopeful and feel a clear higher purpose. I am looking forward to continuing to do my work with the Circles of Grace community.

Circles of Grace Workshop Client

My therapist was trauma informed and stayed present; she is a gifted therapist. She created the safety I needed to do my work.

Circles of Grace Workshop Client

I felt like the workshop was customized to my specific needs, my therapist used multiple therapeutic approaches based on what was happening in the group.


Circles of Grace Workshop Client

The workshop was life changing for me. I feel like a different person. Strangely, the abuses I’ve endured in my life feel different to me now.

I made more progress in four days than I have any time in my life. I am in deep gratitude. And… I will be back. This is a very special place.

Circles of Grace Workshop Client

Healing Together

We are wounded in relationships and we heal in relationships. Here at Circles of Grace we work to create a safe space where you you find the resources to heal. Just like the Bison that face the storm together we walk with you through your individual journey so that you are never alone in this process. 

About our buffalo logo

 On the great plains where the buffalo roamed freely, there were mighty thunderstorms that rolled in. The buffalo, rather than waiting out the storm or running away from it, would face the storm and charge directly into it. By running at the storm, they made it to the other side faster, minimizing their pain and suffering. The buffalo is built and resourced to do this. At Circles of Grace, we are committed to help you with resourcing. Join us in one of our workshops, programs or with one of our trauma informed therapist to help you get to the other side.